BI Managed Services

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The Concept

We built SLA/SOW based operation for you to take care of routine BI activities and let you focus on innovation and projects.
No more thoughts about incidents, maintenance, team members turnover and never ending knowledge transfer.
Just “as a clock” operating machine to “keep the lights on”.

Best of breed development team per customer needs

You can define the skillset and choose the team as you need. We’ll take care of recruitment, environment, ongoing management and all the rest

Best-practice and development SMEs involvement

Our development and analysis teams are a part of BI practice environment that keeps all best implementation knowledge and technical expertise

SLA driven service operation

Taking care of incidents within defined period of time and delivering enhancements according to timelines

Development oriented center with SOW concept

Scope defined projects can be delivered within same environment on a very cost effective manner

Projects on demand implementation

In addition to “core” team, designated to customer, additional resources that work in the same environment can be added to deliver projects and other non-maintenance activities

Business Incentives


Reduce HR challenges like attrition, hire and knowledge transfer


Development flexibility and agility for new projects and ongoing


IT Focus - Projects, business users and new technologies


Cost effectiveness


Development excellance center benefits


Focus on business challenges and not development routine

"The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works."

Jeff Bezos

Get stearted

Elad Fridman


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