Unitask DevOps professional services

Unitask provide high level DevOps professional services. We will look for you automation process from top to bottom, and will use suitable toolkit for your automation process. We will manage you continues integration (CI) and continuous deployment pipelines or help you to build you own efficient lower ones. 

We provide DevOps consulting for existing or new solutions, and will provide a cost-effective solution for the business, focusing on business needs.

DevOps - שת"פ צוותים בארגון | יוניטסק

On-Premise, Hybrid or Cloud?

Our DevOps knowledge cover many kinds of systems. Whenever your system in on-premise Hybrid or in the cloud, we will provide you a proper automation solution.


DevOps and Software Integrations

Unitask's DevOps and Software department are working closely, finding solution for customer, our moto is that a Good DevOp solution must consider software requirements.


Unitask DevOps Specialties:

Best of breed toolkit

We will use the most suitable tools for the solution from the wide verity tools that in the market such as Jenkins, Maven, git, puppet, nuget, docker, and more

Micro Services

We will decouple your application to Micro-Services solution


Our DevOps solution use containers as many as need to simplify the solutions


Using the power of AWS. Unitask Provides a full server-less solution for customer

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Avihu Cohen

Expert in computing & cloud infrastructure, Amazon

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